Planning a holiday using Google Maps


Google Maps Saved Places is a great free tool for travel planning and also getting around while on holiday.

You can add places, read reviews, check opening hours and add your own notes on any device and also share and collaborate with other people you are travelling with.


Step 1 – Create a new list 

First, in the Google Maps app or at you need to clicked on Saved and then add a new list. If you are using the app you also have the ability to add an icon to make it easier to see your places.


Step 2 – Find places and add to your list

Search or click on a place, choose save and select the list you want to add the place to. You can also add your own personal notes to a place if you wish too.

Step 3 – View on any device

Once you have added your places you can view them on any other device you have.

You can also view your places in a list view by going to and selecting your list.


Step 4 – Offline Maps

If you are travelling abroad you might not always have access to wi-fi or mobile data. Google Maps allows you to download a part of the map to your phone for offline use so you can find where you are even without internet connection. In the app, click on your profile pic and select Offline Maps. From here you can select your own area of a map to keep stored on your phone.


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