Travelling TO AND FROM Lisbon AIRPORT

Getting from the Airport to Portugal’s Capital By Public Transport


Metro trains travel from the Aeroporto station located at the entrance of Terminal 1.

Simply follow the signs throughout the airport for the station and look out for the red M metro sign.

A frequent train service with a journey time of between 20 and 30 minutes runs throughout the day.

There are 2 options for buying a ticket

You can buy a ‘7 Colinas’ / ‘Viva Viagem’ travel card from the ticket machines, which you can then top up with balance for your journeys and can be used both for the Metro and the Carris bus network throughout Lisbon.

Ticket machines operate in multiple languages including English.

The card costs 50 cents and a single journey costs 1.65. For 6.60 you can get unlimited travel on metro, trams and buses for 24 hours.

The ticket is validated when you present it at the ticket gates, the reader displays a green light and the access gate opens.

From 2023 you can now also pay by contactless bank card by tapping your card on the ticket gates.

It is worth noting that this is useful for using the metro, but if you plan on using buses and trams during your stay in Lisbon you are advised to get the Viva Viagem card as most buses and trams cannot take bank cards at this time.

Once you are through the ticket barriers you make your way to the platform where you will board a metro train on the Red Orient line heading towards Saldanha. The airport is the first stop on the line so you don’t need to worry about boarding the train in the wrong direction.

The Red line takes you from the airport to various places in Lisbon including Oriente station for trains to other parts of Portugal.

Change at Alameda station onto the Green (Caravela) line to go towards the tourist areas of the city and the riverside at Cais do Sodré
Other transport options from the airport to the city centre include
Taxis which cost around 35 euros and the aerobus which costs around 1.50

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